The special forces uniform has been completely redesigned following feedback from the original and very successful, one of the most comfortable, hard-wearing, and well-designed pieces of military clothing on the market today

It features a sophisticated pocket concept, as well as built-in(removable) joint protectors. Various attaching points make the SFU modular and keep the hands free


A wind skirt, light removable hood, and a lot more top this unique design

Comfortable wearing, wide cut, all pockets are close to the body when empty, allowing the comfortable wearing of body armor. Velcro Panels on both the arms and chest ( Arm panels have a removable panel) two large, double breast pockets, rear pocket folded for protection of content two large Velcro pads on the breast mandarin collar protects the neck from body armor and gear as well as dust and sun, -lightweight removable hood for protection against wind, snow, dust, and sun, even wearable with a helmet with individually adjusting strap pockets on the upper arm with Velcro for badges, tags and pockets, elbow protectors and handguards, small zippered pocket for money inner pocket many attaching points for lanyards etc-slotted buttons for comfort and safety.


Completely redesigned knee area- the knee pad on the SFU has two Velcro fasteners, meaning the knee pad can be situated precisely vastly improving comfort while ensuring the knee pad remains over the knee area. Redesigned pocket layout- Cargo pockets are closed via a button as well as a metal popper fastener. The cargo pockets have 2 compartments, one of which has been designed to hold 2 x 5.56 magazines via integrated elastic loops. The design of the pocket means that the lid can be closed with either the button or the fastener, or held open with the fastener. In order to make the carriage of magazines more comfortable, there is a Velcro fastener across the front of the thigh enabling the user to adjust the tension of the trouser/cargo pocket to the leg. Both pockets have velcro tags. The trousers have a zip leg and are also fully adjustable at the waist with the addition of Velcro fasteners to enable fine adjustment of the waist area. Large front pockets with 2 x compartments + two knife/ cellphone pockets, +two pockets for pop flares, chem lights etc. Trousers are made from 65% cotton & 35% polyester and are all made from Ripstop material

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